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Markus Bishop | QuiQsilver | 2017 National Restuarant Association Annual Trade Show | Part 1

Chicago, IL 05/20/17

To day was the first day of the 2017 National Restaurant Association trade show and Team QuiQsilver is stoked, excited and ready to share with the market for the second year in a row the incredible QuiQsilver Roll-O-Matic silverware wrapping machine. This year we return to receive the 2017 Kitchens Innovation Award from top executives in the industry for our “invention of the year”!

Unlike anything else on the market, the Roll-O-Matic silverware/utensil and napkin rolling machine brings automated rolling within the reach of casual dining, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, casinos, hospitals and catering companies and more. The machine neatly rolls and bands all kinds of flatware, including metal or plastic in a choice of a high grade disposable napkin or cloth. The machine will even wrap two chopsticks and a spoon for the Asian restaurants. The Roll-O-Matic incorporates a UV light sanitation feature killing all airborne viruses and bacteria at a rate of 500 sets per hour. The market is screaming for his machine! Wow!